I'm not here, yet here I am.
I see the path, but not the plan.
I'm not who was, nor who I'll be.
I am here, I am not me.

This is change, let's set it free.
I must grow, so I may see.
The place I go,
Is not for me.
It's for you,
It's for we.

A beautiful expression of Soul Work. May you continue to prune your entanglements so that your path to purpose remains clear. Thank you for the inspiration to say no - and the invitation to reflect on what it is we can offer this world. I struggle with trying to save things and connect deeply with what you've shared. Thank you!

Knowing; shadows on the wall

It’s hard to stand up for justice when I continue to discover just how little I know. …

Thoughts on belief without using the words religion, spirituality, or QAnon.

NOTE: The author has published this as a draft for input and revision. Thank you in advance for your comments, reactions, and suggestions.

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We need beliefs for one important reason: the way we humans are treating each other may seem illogical, but it is. What’s illogical is that we know…

Change is all around us.

For some, change isn’t happening fast enough. And for others, the change has already been too much.

Our conflicts around change have a simple origin, a lack of relationships. This concept is best captured in the problem of scaling.

Every company wants to grow. Scaling…

LIANYUNGANG, CHINA — DECEMBER 08: (CHINA OUT) Buildings are shrouded in smog on December 8, 2013 in Lianyungang, China. Heavy smog has been lingering in northern and eastern parts of China since last week, disturbing the traffic, worsening air pollution and forcing the closure of schools. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images)

Sadness brings me to this place, victim to my own anger, and villain to my own belief that a hero is coming.

I’m so sad that I try to bear the injustice of all humanity on my shoulders, the shoulders of this white man; identified as one among the many…

Why Should I Care That Black Lives Matter?

Protesters are saying something important — do you understand them?

Do you care about the Person who, because of their skin color, finds nearly everything harder: from getting a job to getting into college?

Do you care that growing up in a crime-ridden community sucks? Even for the most positive and optimistic, disadvantages often outweigh determination.

Do you care that resistance is an acceptable cause for an officer to kill someone? Do you care that excessive use of force continues to be a severe problem among the police force? Not appropriate force, not responsive to the situation force, EXCESSIVE force.

I hope you do care. The economic gap in our country is not near as large as our advantage gap.

I care about Black Lives Matter because before we can change the systems of injustice in this country, we must acknowledge they exist.

Be the Wind

Today my journey,
Comes to an end.
My sails, now useless.
My destinations, reached.

A new path ahead,
Unlike any before.
Am I ready? No.
But where else is there to go?

My trusty boat,
No longer moving.
I cannot abandon,
Yet, I cannot stop.

Looking back,
I see change.
Looking forward,
I expect the same.

My life is like others,
Yet like others, I’m unique.
Is something special ahead,
Or am I the fool?

Caught in a tale,
Of peace.
Caught in a quest,
For something better.

I may no longer,
Have the wind.
But now,
I can be the wind.

Hold tight,
Fair passengers,
It’s time.
It’s time.

Jason Sears

Justice for all.

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